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About Me

Welcome to my site… I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I have a deep passion and drive to capture the moment of life through still images with emotion and feeling.

How did I get here then? Well, I spent my more youthful years growing up in the North of England and my passion for photography grew from the stunning English countryside. Oh and, of course from a paternalistic instinct watching my dad taking some fantastic photos using his trusty Nikon (he'd turn in his grave if he knew I'm a Canon man) This passion was fuelled when moving to Australia 14 years ago I fell in love with some of the most stunning scenery in the world right here on our very doorstep (we are very lucky!). Combining this natural beauty with the beauty of people’s lives and loves seemed like a natural progression and with an adorable family on hand as willing models this was an easy and natural progression.

My goal in photography is to tell your story through my photos (a photo really does say a 1000 words!)

Contact me through the form below or give me a call (0406 030 914) to discuss how I can capture your requirements.

Contact Me

Oliver Kay

email: info@oliverkayphotography.com.au

Tel: 0406 030 914